BF Saul Success Story


• B.F. Saul owns and operates a portfolio of 19 business class hotels
• Airport, urban and suburban markets
• Full-service, select service and extended stay
• Hilton, IHG and Marriott


David Attardi, Director of E-Commerce ensures that people are finding AND booking B.F. Saul’s hotels on the Internet, including brand websites, independent websites, online travel agencies (OTA) and more. Prior to joining B.F. Saul, their hotels had inconsistent online presences and something needed to be done in order to extract more value from online channels and increase bookings.


David focused on refining B.F. Saul’s Hotels’ messages on the sales floor by upgrading from photo and virtual tour distribution to video distribution for all properties. “There is so much inconsistency in the media out there for your hotel, VFM Leonardo represents a reliable, centralized, and consistent voice for your hotel,” states David.



Distributing video is a great way to tell a hotel’s story and engage prospective guests online on,, OTAs. With VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Ultra Premium Online Merchandising System, David has the ability to display all types of visual content (video, virtual tours, photos) in an ‘e-brochure’ on the hotel websites and throughout the VNetwork. “The true value of VFM Leonardo is their distribution network,” states David. The VBrochure system is an easy way to manage visual content and distribution for all of B.F. Saul’s hotel properties in one central location. As a result, B.F. Saul’s hotels are consistently well-merchandised online.


Online bookings increased 30% on average across the board from FY ‘07 to FY ’08. That’s double the industry average growth in online bookings in 2008 of 15%, according to PhoCusWright. Further, revenue per visit has increased over 300% since 2006. “Media, Media, Media…Visuals SELL hotel rooms… show them off! E-Brochures are GREAT selling tools that let you show off your hotel with professional still shots, 360 virtual tours and HD videos,” states David.

What our Customers and
Partners Say

We have a lot of amazing media that we wanted to get out there for consumers to experience online. VBrochure allows us to syndicate it through one convenient and easy to manage platform and give consumers a glimpse of the unique experience that awaits them at Grande Colonial.

Leslie Araiza, Director of Marketing & Public Relations,
Grande Colonial