What Are Media Units?

Media units enable you to merchandise your hotel in the way that best showcases your property and effectively engages your target customers. We created the media unit measurement system because every hotel is unique. It gives you the flexibility to distribute the types, combinations and amounts of media you choose. Of course, a full display of hotel photos, virtual tours, and videos is ideal, but you know your property best so we leave it up to you to choose!


We’ve assigned a number of media units to each type of media that can be distributed across the VNetwork.


Media Type


Number of Units


Photos (per image) 1
Virtual Tours (each) 8
Video (all types - per second) 2
Interactive Map (per map) 12


Each edition of our VBrochure Online Merchandising System includes a number of media units that you can use to distribute your media.

There are two types of media units:

Photo-only media units

The media units included in VBrochure Standard are restricted to photos only.


Unrestricted media units

The media units included in VBrochure Premium and Ultra Premium can be used for photos and rich media.


VBrochure Edition

Number of Included Media Units


Option to Purchase Additional Media Units?

Standard 10 (photo-only) No
Premium 15 Yes
Ultra Premium 20 Yes


Peter Wolanski the E-Commerce Manager at a single hotel property has VBrochure Ultra Premium which includes 20 media units. His hotel’s multimedia viewer which is displayed on all of the websites in the VNetwork, includes:


  • 12 photos = 12 media units
  • Virtual tour (one image) = 8 media units
  • Total = 20 media units


Additional Media Units

We also offer packages of additional media units that you can purchase whenever you want to distribute more than the allocated number of media units included in your VBrochure Premium or Ultra Premium account. Media unit packages range from 25 to 1 000 media units and range in price (the more you purchase the lower the price per unit).


Peter recently had a 90 second video and two additional virtual tours produced and wanted to display them in his VBrochure. He was already using all 20 of the media units that are included in VBrochure Ultra Premium so he added a package of 200 additional media units.

Now, Peter has a total of 220 media units and his multimedia viewer displayed on all of the websites in the VNetwork, includes:


  • 12 photos = 12 media units
  • 3 virtual tour (one image each) = 24 media units
  • 90 second video =  180 media units
  • Total = 216 media units
  • 4 additional photos (since he still had four media units remaining)
  • Total = 220 media units